Rimini to experience, let us recommend you

Culture, lifestyle and nature, because here there is not only the sea!

“Rimini is like blues, inside there is everything” from the movie ” Da Zero a Dieci” by Luciano Ligabue

It is true, this city, in the heart of the Riviera Romagnola is a place with ancient traditions. It was the Romans who founded “Ariminum” as a commercial hub and a very important thermal baths area. The history of the city is colored by interesting influences: from the Byzantines to the Langobardic, from the Malatesta to the Venetians who over the centuries have left priceless beauties from the Arco di Augusto to the Amphitheatre, from the Rocca Malatestiana to the Tempio Malatestiano.

Find out what to see in Rimini and its surroundings and book your holidays now:

The Tempio Malatestiano: designed by Leon Battista Alberti and wanted by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, today simply called il Duomo by the people from Rimini, here you can admire the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca, Giotto, Giorgio Vasari and Agostino di Duccio.

The old town: starting from the Arco di Augusto, gift of the Romans, stroll along the full of life streets, and come first in Piazza Tre Martiri, ancient Roman forum, and then in The Piazza Cavour to discover here Palazzo dell’Arengo, Palazzo del Podestà and Palazzo Comunale. In this square the beautiful Teatro Galli overlooks recently returned to its former glory after the bombings and today the heart of Music and Seventh Art. Also in Piazza Cavour is the famous Fontana della Pigna, symbol for the Rimini people and meeting place. Also beautiful is the Cinema Fulgor, cinema of the Maestro Fellini, to which Rimini gave birth, and just in recent years has been renovated.

Continuing in the centre of the city you come in Piazza Ferrari and the Domus del Chirurgo (House of the Surgeon) precious archaeological site dating back to Roman times. Here are exhibited ancient tools of the surgeon who was living in the house but also beautiful mosaics.

A short walk away is the Museo della Città di Rimini, a Museum hosted in a former Jesuit convent. Here you can be enchanted by the works of the Ghirlandaio and Guercino and learn, at the Pinacoteca, the highlights of the Riminese School of the fourteenth century, the Lordship of the Malatesta and, in the Archaeological Section, of the Imperial Rimini.

From Art to social life if you pop into the Pescheria Vecchia. (Old Fish market) Here wine bars, pubs, small restaurants to enjoy all the delicacies of Romagna food and wine. Very beautiful the gallery of arches with its long stone desks, which were ancient seat of the fish market.

The Borgo San Giuliano: starting from the Ponte di Tiberio which is made of Istria stone by the Ancient Romans and marks the beginning of the Via Emilia. From here you can easily reach the city centre and the Borgo San Giuliano where Federico Fellini was born. This is a beautiful old popular neighbourhood with its trendy clubs and murals to tell the Story of the Fellini’s Rimini and beyond. To see the Marecchia park and the Abbazia of San Giuliano. Being Rimini the city of Fellini, the Fellini’s Tour could not miss, touching various points of the city told in his films, as well as the Federico Fellini Foundation tribute to the artistic life of the great Maestro.

Rimini, thanks to its RDS Stadium is also home to many national and international concerts.

From culture to summer relaxation with super-equipped beaches: many kilometres of beach resorts, the true heart of summer lifestyle. Parties within walking distance of the sea, entertainment for children and adults, dogs’ beaches, wellness beaches, beaches with floating water parks like Boa Bay … Don’t miss the two most popular events of the Summer, the Notte Rosa and the Pier Street Parade. These two events make the whole Riviera full of life attracting millions of people every year.

In Winter, however you cannot miss the world’s longest New Year’s Eve starring Rimini dressed for Christmas and plenty of events during the whole month of December.

Moving a bit away from the coast, you find beautiful amusement parks, from Italy in Miniature to Aquafan of Riccione, passing through Oltremare.

Finally, if you love visiting villages, going up the hills a few kilometres from Rimini you will find places of rare beauty: from San Leo to Santarcangelo di Romagna, from Montefiore Conca to the little distant Pennabilli and Gradara, just to name a few.

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